Student Leadership


St Anthony’s offerings a variety of formal leadership opportunities for our Year 6 students.

Students apply for these positions and work closely with staff members throughout the year to organise events at school and within the local community.

At St Anthony’ Primary School, we believe students need to be at the centre of their learning and should have true ownership of their school. Students are given opportunities to have input into decisions, voice concerns and make suggestions to improve their school, as well as becoming more aware of the wider community.

Leadership is integral to lifelong learning. All students should have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Student leadership roles include School Captains, House Captains, Student Action, Sustainability, Social Justice and Liturgy Leaders.

Students who aim to gain a student leadership role need to aspire to demonstrate, understand and model our core values in every aspect of school life.

School Captains

We will always be respectful, positive learners and will follow the school’s values. We promise to treat everyone in the school equally and will involve the voice of everyone when making decisions. We aim to make positive changes to improve the school in all areas.

House Captains

We want everyone to have fun and we will encourage each member to participate in events and have a go. We will display good sportsmanship and provide extra support to those who need it. We will be kind and approachable for all house members. We will follow St Anthony’s core values to be great sports leaders and take great pride in looking after the sports equipment.

Student Leaders

Other Student Leaders aim to make St Anthony’s Primary School a better place. We are committed to planning and implementing extra activities and fundraising for different events. We will always model the core values and will encourage others to do the same.

Leadership Attributes:

At St Anthony’s Primary School ideal student leaders have many wonderful qualities. Some of the skills and attributes that our leaders possess, in no particular order of importance:



Great leaders are passionate about their role and display an enthusiastic attitude. They are driven to fulfill their leadership role to the best of their ability. They have a clear sense of purpose about what it means to represent all students and are great at motivating others to get on with the job. Finally all leaders will demonstrate a great sense of school pride.

They complete leadership actions and are committed to organising events down to the last detail.

They speak clearly and confidently with school pride and a positive attitude.

Team Players

Successful leaders are great at working with others. They know that to succeed requires a team effort and not personal glory. They show patience during difficult discussions where there are different viewpoints.


Being busy people, good leaders are naturally organised. They manage their time well so that they complete all classroom learning and balance leadership responsibilities.


This is about communication with a wide range of audiences through public speaking and written mediums, such as assemblies and special school events.

Role Model

Leaders who are good role models not only pay attention to their individual acts, they encourage teamwork and cooperation, support others in their growth and learning, and recognise the positive behaviours and attitudes others display.