Our Mission Statement

Inspired by the spirit of St Anthony of Padua, teacher and light of the Church, we are a learning community where culture, faith and life are interwoven. At St Anthony’s:

We inspire students to be faith filled people who hear the Word of God and respond with authenticity.

We encourage students to be critical thinkers about faith and life. They are able to express their views in respectful ways in an environment which values and encourages the voice of the young.

We challenge students to collaborate and accept responsibility for their own learning and the learning of others. They demonstrate resilience in all facets of their learning.

We inspire our students to become authentic leaders. They will have an understanding of their place in both our local and global community and endeavour to make a positive difference in the world.

We commit ourselves to personalise learning where targeted and explicit teaching is a key component.

We create a faith community where families, staff, children and parishioners feel a sense of inclusion, belonging and connectedness. We demonstrate compassion to those in need and in particular our most vulnerable.

We build a community where children feel safe and secure and value diversity.

We live out our mission on a daily basis as our students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to live whole heartedly in the world as faith filled people.