Specialists Subjects

Visual Arts

Our aim is to deliver an exciting and engaging Visual Arts Program that enables students to develop skills, techniques and processes.  All students participate in sessions focusing on skill development in particular or combined areas, in accordance with their developmental stage.

By enabling students to experiment with a broad range of materials and styles, we endeavour to nurture individual expression and creativity, cultivate aesthetic awareness and develop an understanding of the elements and principles of art and design.

Participation in the Visual Arts Program fosters group participation, problem solving, confidence, persistence, time management, responsibility, risk taking and personal pride.

Performing Arts

All students participate in a Performing Arts Program for one semester each year. Activities are based on expressing and exploring ideas and presenting and performing. They will focus on Drama, Music and Singing.

LOTE- Italian

At St Anthony’s School, students from Prep to Year 6 participate in Italian sessions. Students learn how to use functional language through various activities where they actively partake in speaking, listening, learning songs, dance and gesture. Through this program, Students also explore and learn about Italian culture.   

Physical Education

All students participate in a Physical Education program where the focus is to learn and complete fundamental motor skills, and to learn and practice teamwork and sportsmanship.  This is all done in an interactive environment where fun and participation are key.  We hold an annual Cross Country, Athletics Carnival, participate in Lightning Premierships and Hoop Time Basketball tournaments.  Students can also move through to compete against students from other schools in our district if they qualify.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Water Familiarisation and Safety Program

The focus of our program is water familiarisation, water confidence and safety. Students from Prep to Year Four participate in an annual program.


During the year, excursions / incursions are arranged in order to extend and enrich the children’s learning experience.  All children are encouraged to participate in the school’s programs. Details of excursions are supplied prior to the activities.

School Camp

Children from Year 4 onwards are exposed to a camp experience.  The emphasis is on experiencing new things that are not available at school and consolidating classroom learning  Camp experiences are NOT compulsory.

Digital Technologies

All students participate in a digi-tech class where the focus is on coding. This begins with BeeBots in the Junior years and the use of Scratch in the Senior years

Oxygen Music Tuition

Oxygen Music are an external provider of music lessons. Children have the option to learn to play an instrument.