Curriculum Information

At St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School we:

  • Respect and value each child, for who they are and for what they contribute.  
  • Structure opportunities for students to develop self-esteem and positive attitudes to learning and to life.  
  • Praise and acknowledge the efforts of students in class, through school awards and through the display of work.  
  • Model lifelong learning by being learners ourselves.  
  • Monitor student needs and provide appropriate support networks for students as they approach different learning situations.  
  • Planner for learning experiences which cater for the needs of students and account for different learning styles and link learning to life experiences.  
  • Use tools to identify starting points for individual students learning and providing learning opportunities to challenge and enhance learning through enriched learning tasks.  
  • Plan assessment tasks which reflect the achievements of and challenges for students.   Are open to accepting and giving appropriate feedback to students regarding negotiated curriculum, individual needs and reporting of progress. 
  • Use an integrated curriculum approach incorporating inquiry learning, cooperative learning strategies and a variety of teaching and learning styles

Curriculum is enriched by the values, beliefs, perspectives and experiences of each member of the learning community when they engage actively with Catholic understandings of the human person. This orientation towards the person means that the process of curriculum design is shared with students, creating within them a sense of ownership and self-efficacy as learners. Our learning community fosters the conditions for students to have a voice in the design process, allowing them to make decisions about what they need to know and when.

The curriculum is designed and delivered from whole-school to level planning to individual teacher plans. These are created in a collaborative and supported environment. This ensures that a guaranteed and viable curriculum is driving student learning and lifting student outcomes.