Student Wellbeing

At St Anthony’s, we have a whole school approach to support the wellbeing of our students. We use a wide range of strategies to support the social and emotional learning of all.

We use eXcel to support the development of school wide practices and cultures that enable children and young people to:

  • deeply connect ‘who they are’ and ‘how they can be’ in the world to the Catholic faith
  • reach their potential
  • build positive and connected relationships
  • develop skills and attitudes that promote wellbeing and resilience
  • deepen their appreciation of learning, their perseverance and their stamina
  • lead optimistic, graced and hope-filled lives of impact.

Other strategies used and taught at St Anthonys include;

  • Brain breaks
  • Restorative practices
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Invitation to Better Habits forms to reflect on behaviour and restore relationships
  • ‘Little God Moments’ used to reinforce and acknowledge positive behaviours in the playground
  • Circle time
eXcel encapsulates the spirit of ‘being the best we can be’ with God’s grace. It embraces the belief that children and young people have the capacity to achieve their full potential when they wellbeing is nurture in faith-filled learning environments that are safe, inclusive and respectful.

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