Student Wellbeing

At St Anthony’s, we aspire to build a community that nurtures and supports the development of student wellbeing. The aim of Student Wellbeing is to develop students’ awareness of self and others in learning how to be happy and healthy in all aspects of life.

In achieving this, we first recognise our identity as a Catholic community and use the example of Jesus’ ministry in developing others and our own wellbeing. We apply the values drawn from scripture to develop a culture that is authentically nurturing, compassionate and respectful to all. This ensures that the wellbeing of every community member is able to flourish.

St Anthony’s gains its directions in the teaching and learning of wellbeing from the Victorian Curriculum. These directives are outlined in the area called ’Personal and Social Capacity’ which includes lessons on working effectively with others, building relationship skills and managing emotions just to name a few. These lessons are taught both formally and informally across the school. Classroom lessons with an explicit focus or more informal teaching during a variety of subjects and outside class activities are also used to teach these important skills. For example, at St Anthony’s, we promote and encourage collaboration between students when learning and therefore, students and teachers encounter many opportunities to develop personal and social capacity. During Physical Education, students often work in teams to achieve set goals in a range of activities.

One strategy to encourage development in student wellbeing is through the implementation of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework. This framework encourages students to think critically about their behaviour in a range of contexts and to reflect upon appropriate and positive choices.

St Anthony’s caters for the individual needs of students in regards to personal and social capacities. We run a friendly lunch time group who work together to identify needs and set goals, participating in various activities and discussing social and personal skills.