Student Wellbeing

At St Anthony’s, we have a whole school approach to support the wellbeing of our students. We use a wide range of strategies to support the social and emotional learning of all.

Student Wellbeing is at the forefront of all that we do at St Anthony’s Primary School. We believe that in order for students to learn to their full potential they need to feel safe, valued and respected in their learning environment. At St Anthony’s Primary School, we aim to provide a safe, nurturing, dynamic learning community that leaves no child behind. The Literacy and Numeracy intervention programs are a testament to that. We provide an environment and curriculum that challenges students to achieve their highest potential and that develops knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful and empathic school community members. We offer additional support to those students who may need it.  The school social worker and counsellor are available across the week to support students, staff and parents.

Research has shown that one in four adolescents have a mental illness, one in seven primary school kids have a mental illness, one in five adults will experience mental ill-health throughout the year and 65% of adolescents do not seek help for mental illness.

For further support dealing with Mental Health and Wellbeing please contact the Principal, Deputy Principal and/or Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader.

We have an explicit behaviour curriculum which is to be taught in the first few weeks of term 1.  We also have a behaviour management process that assists students who need to adjust their behaviour and choices.  All students at St Anthony’s benefit from positive and negative consequences.