Masterclass/Discovery Play

At St Anthony’s we encourage children to explore their learning through play.

During Masterclass time we provide a stimulating environment and a range of natural materials for children to explore. Provocations (activities) are used to provoke children in their thinking. At times new concepts may be introduced to help children begin to explore new ideas. At other times a concept that has been addressed in more formal learning time will be used as a provocation during Masterclasses to extend their thinking.

As children become more confident in their play and the use of their thinking skills they will use play based learning throughout the day alongside more formal learning. The following are key elements in the implementation of play based learning at St Anthony’s.

Students have opportunities to:

  • Share their experiences with each other
  • Use their prior knowledge
  • Drive their own learning
  • Choose the way in which they would like to learn
  • Have opportunities to access the curriculum at appropriate entry points
  • Develop their social / emotional skills
  • Experience Wonder and Awe
  • Engage in learning which is developmentally appropriate
  • Explore their Catholic Faith
  • Develop and express their creativity and imagination use problem solving strategies
  • Link play based learning skills and knowledge into formal learning and vice versa