Digital Communication Technology

At St Anthony’s we encourage our children to explore the world around them. Technology, in the hands of active and creative thinkers can empower our students to be responsible, lifelong learners and creators in an ever-evolving digital world.

Technology at St Anthony’s plays an important role in the delivery of learning and teaching. Each classroom is equipped with a range of resources, such as Apple TV’s, iPads and Chromebooks. Our aim is to enable our students to empower themselves and others through development of curiosity, collaboration, responsibility and critical thinking skills. 

The implementation of a variety of ICT across the school is an effective learning tool, as it exposes our students to different ways to utilise technology in their lives. Technology is incorporated in our contemporary learning spaces, which enables the students to be able access and choose the appropriate equipment to investigate, design and publish their work. 

St Anthony’s is also equipped with a STEAM room for use in specialist classes. Students have the opportunity to explore an expanded range of technologies, which can allow for investigations of circuits, robotics, virtual reality and design and production in 3D printing. 

At St Anthony’s we hold an important focus on cyber safety and regularly engage students and encourage families in discussion about how they use technology in their personal life. Students are guided to reflect on their practices with technology and analyse how they can be positive citizens in a rapidly changing digital world.