St Anthony’s has an active and vibrant parent community. Parents are involved in our school in a range of ways and also take advantage of opportunities to become engaged in their child’s learning.


St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School is a Parish school and has a strong commitment to the wider Parish. We participate in a range of Parish activities. There are also many opportunities for our students to link in to our local and global community.

Parents & Friends

All parents are welcome to be part of the Parents and Friends. The Parents and Friends play a valuable role in the school, in terms of fundraising and building community (Parents and Friends Charter).

Notification of meeting dates for the School Board and the Parents and Friends are communicated through the school newsletter.


Parents & Friends Charter: Download Here


Email Communication Protocol: Download Here

School Board

The purpose of the guidelines for the St. Anthony’s Advisory Catholic School Board is to provide a set of guidelines for the Board to use as a basis of operation. The value of guidelines is that they can direct and support the work of the Board. It is equally important to note that guidelines should not impede the work of the group, but should protect common interests and guide towards common goals.

The guidelines supply information regarding accepted procedures, outline the scope and boundaries of the activities of the Board and clarify the links between the Board, school Committees, the school Principal and the Parish Priest.

Parent Helpers

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved with the school. Apart from the items mentioned above, parents can also be involved in assisting with classroom programs and in a range of other ways e.g. sports day, inter-school sports, swimming and excursions. Teachers generally advertise their need for support at the beginning of the school year, and as programs arise.

While parents are able to offer assistance in their child’s class they would not generally work with their own child during this time unless negotiated with the Principal. This would only occur in unusual circumstances as one of our goals is to promote your child’s independence.

Parent Courses & Seminars

Parent Courses are conducted each year. These courses are aimed at developing parent understandings of the learning process. Although primarily aimed at Parent Helpers, the course content covers the learning process in a range of areas the ways in which parents can help their children at home and how they can help in the classroom is also covered.

Parent Seminars are offered on other occasions covering specific topics such as school curriculum, etc. Sometimes these are offered by the school, but we also give information about Parent Seminars offered by Barwon Health, the Catholic Education Office, and other relevant groups.

Parent Sacramental Sessions are offered to parents of students involved in the Sacrament Program.

Parents are encouraged to take up these opportunities, as they can be helpful for gaining knowledge about the curriculum and about your child’s needs and development.


Through the year, children participate in a range of sporting activities which include Whole School Cross Country, Whole School Swimming Sports and Whole School Athletics Day. The main focus of our sports program is co-operation and personal enjoyment rather than competition. Volunteers are always needed to assist with sports. If you can help, please inform the relevant teachers prior to sports events.

Please ensure you have your “Working with Children’s Check” which can be applied for online.

Social Events

  • Mother’s Day Breakfast

  • Father’s Day Breakfast

  • Family Twilight Picnic

Other Commitees

St Anthony’s values parental input. There are opportunities for parents to be involved in a range of short or long term committees. These include The School Wide Positive Behaviour committee and the Parent Curriculum Committee.

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