Join your Voices! A song for the homelessness

28 January 2016 | General Interest

Ever thought to yourself, ‘what is fair?’ The Year 5 and 6 Social Justice Team from St Anthony’s School, Lara, did. They discussed many issues including homelessness. Homelessness is a big issue in today’s world, and we decided it needs to be stopped.


When we first decided to take action, we talked with St Anthony’s Social Justice Team about the problem. Many great ideas came up, but we decided to make a song to spread awareness about homelessness.

Homeless people are just like us, so we have no reason to turn our backs on them. Natural disasters are one of the main causes for homelessness in the world. Earthquakes, bushfires and storms can all cause homelessness!

Job losses and finding a job are also a big problem! Some people are not as wealthy as others, and no one can change that. Unfortunately, those people cannot earn the money to keep their homes and they could become homeless. We also have many homeless people living in our own community here in the Geelong area.

Our song that we wrote is encouraging people to take action and help the homeless, just as Jesus took action to help those in need. We included lines that might inspire the audience to think about what they could do to help such as, ‘Someday it might be you!’ and ‘Sing for those who have no choice!’.

We were inspired by Phil Collin’s song ‘Another Day in Paradise’ because he was trying to spread the message about homelessness, which is what we were aiming to do as well.

We hope that homeless people are given the support they need, and deserve. They deserve the same rights as us because they are human beings, just like us!

Thanks to Oxygen Tuition for recording our song and cooperating with our project. Also to our teachers Mr Porter, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Warren for leading us through this project and inspiring us to continue this project, and the parents for giving up their time to help with the music and song lyrics for us.

We have made a CD of the song and all money raised will go to the St Vincent De Paul Society who support homeless people. You can call the school on 5282 1415 to order a copy.

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