Specialists Subjects


All students participate in a Visual Arts Program. Creative work is usually ongoing and the focus is on creating, making, exploring ,rather than a completed item


Students from Year 2 to Year 6 participate in an Italian Program. The program aims to introduce concepts about learning another language, and about another culture.

Performing Arts

All students participate in a Performing Arts Program. Activities are based on performing and practising, singing, music and drama.

Physical Education

All students participate in a Physical Education Program in activities that are based on performing and practising basic motor skills and movement patterns. They are also actively involved in activities that require them to use their development of athletic skills.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Water Familiarisation and Safety Program

The focus of our program is water familiarisation, water confidence and safety. Students from Prep to Year Four participate in an annual program.


During the year, excursions / incursions are arranged in order to extend and enrich the children’s learning experience.  All children are encouraged to participate in the school’s programs. Details of excursions are supplied prior to the activities.

School Camp

Children from Prep onwards are exposed to a camp experience.  For Prep children this involves staying after school for a few hours and in Year Six this involves going away for a few nights. Children generally have their first overnight camp experience in Year Two. Camp experiences are NOT compulsory.

Oxygen Music Tuition

Oxygen Music are an external provider of music lessons. Children have the option to learn to play an instrument.

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